Roof Tile Restoration and Tile Roof Repair in Southern California

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Roof Restoration Riverside County, CA

We have restored hundreds of residential and commercial roofs in Riverside County. A roof restoration is like getting a new roof, for a fraction of the cost. Any roof repairs are properly done, then the color and appeareance of the roof is fully restored. You can live in your home for years to come with confidence, and pride of ownership.

The process is proven and is normal maintenance approved by the concrete roof tile manufacturers. And you conserve landfill space by effectively recycling your roof tiles. You get a roof that is like brand new in every way. Tile Magic is a licensed roofing contractor, and will guarantee the roof restoration with a ten year warranty. We are BBB accredited.

Experience Makes the Difference

Examples - Roof Restoration Riverside County

roof restoration riverside county
  • A homeowner in Riverside County came to us initially with a concern about a roof leak. As a licensed roofing contractor, we made arrangements to repair the roof. As work was underway, the homeowner realized that they planned to live in the home through retirement, and they decided to do a roof restoration. We pulled up all the tiles, put down a new layer of felt, and reinstalled all the concrete tiles. Then we restored the roof color. The homeowner now has a tile roof that is restored from a waterproofing perpective, and restored in color and appearance.
  • A motel in Riverside County was undergoing renovations, and did want the expense of a complete new roof. But it looked bad, and something had to be done. They discovered Tile Magic and our roof restoration service. We did a complete restoration for a fraction of the cost of a new tile roof. The roof is a major element in street appearance to guests, and the whole hotel now looks great.

Our Service Areas

Roof Restoration Orange County, CA

With thousands of residential and commercial roof restorations completed, including the 800,000 square foot Dana Point Marriott, we are the leader of roof restoration in Orange County.

Roof Repair Orange County, CA

As a licensed roofing contractor, when we do a roof repair in Orange County, it gets done right. We guarantee our roof repairs, and you can rest easy and enjoy the pitter patter of the next rain.

Roof Restoration Riverside County, CA

Inland Empire temperatures and sun exposure can accelerate the fading of a tile roof. With advanced tile roof coatings, we are experts at roof restoration in Riverside County.

Roof Repair Riverside County, CA

Discovering a roof leak can be a shock. We know how you feel, and we can help. We do roof repair in Riverside County on a regular basis, and we have the experience to fix any leak.

Inland Empire, CA

We routinely do roof repairs and roof restorations in the Inland Empire, including San Bernadino, Rialto, Redlands, Riverside, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Corona, Temecula, and more.

San Diego County, CA

For bigger tile roof restorations in San Diego County, we would be delighted to visit your site and provide an estimate. Please call our office to make arrangements.

Los Angeles County, CA

We do tile roof restoration projects throughout Los Angeles County. We do jobs in San Fernando Valley, the West Side, the South Bay, and all points inland. Please call our office to arrange a visit.